Born on Skopje, 11 May 1929, he died in his birth town on 22 May 2010, a poet, translator, essay writer, literature critic and historian, publicist, anthologist, culturologist, editor, folklorist, theatrologist, screenwriter, university professor, academic, ambassador. He studied at the Faculty of Philosophy of Skopje, where he graduated at the department of Yugoslav literatures (1951). Before and during his studies he worked as a journalist. He spent his whole adult life as a lecturer at the Faculty of Philology in Skopje, under the University Ss Cyril and Methodius. (1954-1992).
His doctoral thesis topic was “Veda Slovena and her Mystificators” (1965). At the Faculty of Philology he taught the subjects New Croatian Literature and Macedonian Literature in the 19th century. He was a member of the Writers’ Association of Macedonia since 1951. He was a two-term secretary and President of Writers’ Association of Macedonia. He was a member of the Macedonian P.E.N. centre. He was one of the founders of the Council of Struga Poetry Evenings (1971/72), and the first President of MAAK (Movement for All Macedonian Action ) (1990-1991). He was the first ambassador of the Republic of Macedonia in the Russian Federation (1994-1998). He was a member of MASA since 1997. He was an author of over 220 book titles in the field of poetry, cirticism, essay writing, travelogue, literature writings, editorial, historiography, culturology, translation, anthology-making.
He belongs to the leading poetry generation of authors who promoted the Contemporary Macedonian literature in the world. He was translated in 24 separate editions of his books (mainly poetry and essays) in many countries in the world (in Albanian, English, Bulgarian, Vlach, Greek, Esperanto, Chinese, Roma, Russian, Serbian, Turkish, Croatian, Chech and Swedish). He personally, as a poetry and prose translator, published over 100 separate editions by authors who wrote in Albanian, English, Bulgarian, Greek, Russian, Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian, Turkish, Chech, Polish and Ukrainian. He edited and published collections and treatises about K. Miladinov, Rajko Zhinzifov, Marko Tsepenkov, Koco Racin, Grigir Prlichev, Atanas Razdolov, Dimo Hadzi Dimov, Gjorche Petrov, Dimitar Talev, Nikola Vaptsarov, Anton Popov, Mihail Smatrakalev, Angjelko Krstic and others. He published numerous anthologies of the Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Russian and Albanian poetry in Macedonian. As an outstanding, leading and foremost creational figure of the Macedonian literature in the second half of the 20th century, whose works superstitiously and superiorly are stretched in the area of the literature and the study of literature, he is a figure with inestimable missionary contribution in the contemporary history of Macedonia, with a multilayered range of creative, scientific and cultural interests; a cultural driving force of important processes in the contemporary literature, cultural, scientific and national promotion of Macedonia. Works: I Poetry collections: In the mornings (1951), Disturbing sounds (1953), Peaceful step (1956), Rainbow (1960), Apotheosis of the working day (1964), Bitter sips of disquiet (1970), A rather ugly day (1974), The people of Skopje (1981), Trouble, Treachery, Sleeplessness (1987), The unattainable (1995), Plower or Warrior (2003) and Lighter, Flint and Tinder (2005). II Literature writings: Predecessors of Misirkov (1968), A treatise on those who love the Sun (1974), Veda Slovena (1979), Antun Gustav Matosh (1979), Magoc Contest (1979), Further from enthusiasm, closer to grief (1983), With a word to the word (1985), An expedition to Helicon (1987), Inevitable Curiosities (1992), Word and Insubordination (1993); The Exciting Breath of Fatherland (1987), Signals to the Progeny (1992), Speeches about Weekdays (1995), Protection of Destiny, (1995), Touches (2000), Notches and Scratches under the Walls fo Time (2001), Book of Prlichev (2002), Book of Dzinot (2003), Touching the Untouched (2003), Book of Vaptsarov (2006), Book of Racin (2007), Pages about the Macedonophilia (1994), Kniga Nashinska si rec Slavjanska (1994); Collected works of Gane Todorovski in ten volumes (I and II Poetry, III, IV and V translations; VI and VII, Macedonian Literature on 19th cantury; VIII, IX and X), Skopje, 2007.