He was born in Volkovija, Gostivar, on 7 August 1952. He is a journalist, editor, poet, publicist. He graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy (South Slavic Literatures) in Skopje. He worked in Nova Makedonija (1976-1999) as a journalist, editor of the Cultural Section and editor of the appendix Lik (1985-1998(, a journalist in Utrinski Vesnik (1999-2001), editor-in-chief (2001-2997) and executive manager of Cultura. He is author of many books fo poetry and popular literature.
He has been translated in English, Italian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Serbian and Croatian. Works: Respite in genuine good wishes (1979), Spider (1984), The bottom of the eye (1990), Blood-stained dawns – how Koco Racin was killed (1992), A cold minute (1993), The earth will open itself (1996), Behind the herb-silence (1995), A forgotten eye in the sky (1997), The Drop Lead Water (selection, 2008).