Habib Tengour, poet and anthropologist, born in 1947 in Mostaganem, lives and works between Paris, Constantine and Mostaganem.
His works are published by Algerian and French publishers and poetry magazines as well((Poèsie…) His works are translated into German, English, Arabic, Italian, Dutch … He translates poets of English language (P. Joris) and of Arabic language (Saadi Youssef, Chawki Abdelamir, Moncef Louhaïbi). He currently leads Franco-Algerian group ITEM / CNRS which deals with genetic and critical issue of the complete oeuvre of Mohammed Dib.
His poetry includes the following books: Pearl to the soul; The Arc and the Scar; Shales of Tahmad II; That Tatar There 2; Traverser; Ordeal 2; The state of matters; Gravity of the Angel; Retirement; Caesura; Empedocles’ Sandal; Beautiful Strawberry; Seelenperlmutt; The Cinephile Ancestor; Exile is my Trade. He also writes prose and theatre texts.