Mihail Rendžov was born in 1936 in Štip, Republic of Macedonia. He is a member of the
Macedonian P.E.N. Centre and of the Macedonian Writers’ Association.
He is the author of following books: A migrant of fire (poetry, 1965), Night growing of the
word (poetry, 1967), Where from this side (poetry, 1968), On the brink of dream (poetry, 1972),
Fear (poetry, 1976), Midnight (poetry, 1979), Nerezi (poetry, 1982), Auto-da-fé (poetry, 1985),
Phoenix (sonnets, 1987), The Earth. Flood (poetry, 1991), Dreaming travelling (book for children,
1991), He (long lyrical poem, 1993), Deck of cards 33 (poetry, 1994), Eternal and endless (poetry,
1996), I oxymoron (poetry, 1998), Angela is dreaming (poetry for children, 1998), Psalms (poetry,
2000), Apocalypse (poetic drama, 2002); Zachariah and other stories (short stories, 2006),
Galichica (poetry, 2007), Scattered. Collected (essays/notes, 2008); Harbinger (poem, 2009);
Sonnets (poetry, 2010); Manuscript – Soulscript (poetry, 2011); Sighs (poetry, 2013); Ocarina
(poetry, sonnets, 2015); Elegies of myself (poetry, sonnets, 2017).
He has won numerous awards among which: “11th October” award and “Miladinov
Brothers” award for his poetry book Nerezi (1982); “Grigor Prlicev” award for the long
lyrical poem He (1993); “Aco Šopov” award for his poetry book I oxymoron (1999); “Racinovo
priznanie” for the book of short stories Zachariah and other stories (2004), “Grigor Prlicev”
award for Harbinger (2009) and “Miladinov Brothers” award for Elegies of myself (2017).