Mihail Petrov Rendzov (Shtip, 25 August 1936) – a poet, storyteller, translator, essay writer. Member of the Macedonian P.E.N. Centre.Member of the Macedonian Writers’ Association since 1965. Among the many translated works a significant one is the epic poem “Gilgamesh”. He won the Racin Award for his only short story collection “Zaharij and Other Stroies” (2004). The criticism says he is a poet of image and sound. His poetry is consisted of short poetry forms. What can be noted as a new element in the poetry practice of Rendzov, as well as in the contemporary Macedonian poetry, especially in the epic poem He, is that a single word is placed in the function of one verse (a model seen at V. Mayakovski and N.J. Vaptsarov). Rendzov implies the poetics of the absent in his poetry. Works: poetry: A migrant of fire (1965), Growing of the word during the night (1967), Where from this side (1968), On the brink of the dream (1972), Fear (1976), Midnight (1979), Nerezi (1982), Autodafe (1985), Phoenix (sonnets, 1987), Earth Flood (1991), Him (lyrical poem, 1993), Deck of cards 33 (1994), The eternal, the endless one (poetry, 1996), I, the oxymoron (poetry, 1998), Psalms (poetry, 2000), Apocalypse (2002), Galitsica