Mile Nedelkovski – poet, novelist, short story writer, playwright. Born 25th November 1935 in Prilep. Was an editor for the publishing house “Kultura”. Member of the Macedonian Writers’ Association since 1963.
Works: Golden heart (poetry, 1963), Southern summer (poetry, 1964), The madman from Prespa (poem, 1965), Wind riders (poetry, 1967), Pepelasi (novel, 1968), Erreticon – eroticon (poetry, 1969), Berries (novel, 1972) The triumph of the Trojan horse (play in verses, 1974), A watchman (novel, 1982), Return to the arena of the old famous meritorious, worn-out clown and The dectruction of Olympus (dramas in verses, 1983), Sunday, a day to repent (poetry, 1984), Bitpazar stylistic exercises, there… (poetry, 1984), A window overlooking the street, The Prespa circle in red and Guardians of the tower (plays, 1985), A horseshoe of death and hope (novel, 1986), Petrafil for the eternal land (novel, 1988), Reheating yesterday’s left-overs (novel, 1988), Mirrors of shadows (poetry, 1989), The creator and the old emigrant – vendor of various fruits (novel, 1991). Logomania (essays, 1996), The holy Martyrs Day (novel, 1996).