Miroslav Bielik is born on the 15th April 1949 in Ostry Grun, Slovakia. 

He studied librarianship, pedagogy and economics in Banska Bystrica, Bratislava and Prague. 

Miroslav Bielik worked in Matica Slovenska as a bibliographer, as a long-time director of the Slovak National Library and of Matica Slovenska. 

Today he is the president of the Slovak Writers´ Society. He has published more than a hundred professional studies in the field of literary culture, he is co-author of the scientific edition in two volumes of R. Seton-Watson and his relationship with Czechs and Slovaks.

Bielik has also compiled and edited several periodical and monographic editions.

He has published collections of poems: Time is a silent messenger of thought (Čas je tichý posol mysle, 2003), Unsignificant movement on a steep leveled plain (Nepatrný pohyb po naklonenej rovine, 2005), At the end of one x-century (Ku koncu jedného x-ročia, 2009) and Melancholia (Melanchólia, 2018). 

Much attention was drawn to his two-volume novel Venetian Diptych (Benátsky diptych – Reality (Skutočnosť, 2007) and Unreality (Neskutočnosti, 2010). 

Lately he is engaged in writing stories, in the journal “Slovakian Views” (Slovenské pohľady). 

His latest novel is Kaleidoscope (Kaleidoskopis, 2013).