Miroslav Bгiick was born in 1964 in Skalica (Slovakia). Не has published poetry collections: Night, the Grаѕѕ in the Back (Noc,
trava v pozadi, 1989), А Temptation to Believe (Pokusenie veri181, 1993), The Night Islands and Other Saves (Nocne ostrovy а ine zachrany, 1997), The Guide Мар fог Winter (Orientacna тара na zimu, 2001), The Воrder Road (Hranicna cesta, 2005), Detours (Obchadzky, 2009), The Essence of а Riveг (Podstata rieky, 2012) and а novelette А Wink fгom Eternity (Zmurknutie z vecnosti, 2013). Не often writes reviews and articles about art and art events. His poetry has арреагеd in numerous journals
and anthologies in diffeгent European languages.