Nenad Shaponja (1964, Novi Sad), renowned poet whose verses are recognizable in contemporary Serbian poetry due to their stylistic perfection, hermetic quality and metaphysical insight. 

Šaponja published a number of books:

Poetry: Mona Lisa, 1990, Reflections of Illusions, 1993, Obviousness, 1996, The Sea, 1998, Four Poems, 2000, 2001, Sweet Death, 2012, Does the Touch of Your Soul Exist?, 2014, I Seem, Therefore I Am Not, 2017, I Step Down into Silence of the Weight of Rolling Dice, 2019.

Essays:  A Baedeker to Doubt, 1997, Autobiography of Reading, 1999, Experience of Writing, 2001, 2002.

Travelogue: Indeed Brussels is Easy to Cover on Foot, 2018.

His poetry has been translated into Macedonian, Romanian, Albanian, English, Spanish, Polish and Italian language.