He was born in the village of Volkovija, Tetovo on 15 October 1939. He was an electro-engineer, poet, anthologist and a public figure. He completed high school and obtained a BSc degree at the Electrotechnical Faculty of Belgrade. He has worked on planning, developing and exploatation of high-voltage switchgear installations and hydroelectric plants. He was President of the Municipality Assembly of Tetovo. His for first poems were published in 1955. Works: The Third Move, Skopje, 1982; Free Kick, Skopje, 1983; The Fourth Coordinate, Skopje, 1989, The Bride’s Chest, Skopje, 1991; Miniatures, Skopje, 1996; Outside the Experience, Skopje, 1996; Things Above the Words, Skopje, 1997; Guardians of the Fortress, Skopje, 1998; Cover of Words, Skopje, 1999, All is Haiku, Skopje, 1999 (Haiku poetry); Naiveties, Skopje, 2001 (prose poems); Caprice for Lyre and Bagpipe, Skopje, 2002; Anthology of the Macedonian Haiku Poetry, Skopje, 2003; Sheaf of Parables, Skopje, 2004.