Petre M(ilanov) Andreevski (Sloeshtica Village, Demir Hisar, 25 June 1934 – Skopje, 25 September 2006) – poet, novelist, short story writer, playwright. He worked as a programme editor in Macedonian Radiotelevision for many years. He was a member of MASA from May 2000, a member of Writers’ Association of Macedonia (1964) and of Macedonian P.E.N. Centre. He wrote poetry, short stories, novels, plays and screenplays. Andreevski created something that not only changed the literature awareness at the Macedonian reader, but also altered the Macedonian critical awareness. He located his eternal preoccupation in his birthplace, but in doing that he did not become a local or regional author, because with the universalization of the local he set his birthplace the centre of the world. He had a wide readers’ audience and his prose composition is not relied on its story, but on the mere act of narration. His novels are considered to be the most read ones (as it was the case for Stale Popov’s novels), i.e. the bestsellers among the people. The novel Pirey was announced the masterpiece of the Macedonian contemporary prose by the Macedonian criticism (just in the way the collection Denicija was denoted a hymn of the cosmic love, a hymn of the woman and the fatherland and a golden book of the Macedonian modernism). He published two poetry collections for children (Scribble Riddle and Eat and Grow). Even in his poems for children, Andreevski is a poet of the metaphore and allusion, of the language play and the nostalgic meditation. WORKS: poetry collections: Knots (1960), Both on Heaven and Earth (1962), Denicija (1968), Dalni nakovalni (1971), Praises and Complaints(1975), Eternal House (1987); Lachrymatory (1999); short stories collections: The Seventh Day (1994), Years of Treason (1974), All Faces of Death (1994); novels: Pirey (1980), Locusts (1983) Nebeska Timjanovna (1988), Last Villagers (1987) and Tunnel (2003); plays: Time for Singing, Bogunemili (1984) and Bezanci (2007, posthumously)