He was born in Zhvan on 16 April 1950. He is a poet, essay writer, critic, anthologist, textbook writer, translatior, editor. He graduated from the Faculty of Philology at the University Ss Cyrial and Methodius in Skopje. He worked as a journalist, and later on as an editor in Radio Skopje. He was a manager of the publishing house “Makedonska kniga” and founder and manager of the publishing house “Matica Makedonska” from Skopje. He is complier to many anthologies of Macedonian poetry and prose. He has been the President of the Writers’ Association of Macedonian since 2008. Works: Third image of time (poetry, 1975), Shadows of reality (poetry, 1980), A patched up shape (criticism and essays, 1986), Dialogue with time (criticism and essays, 1988), A messenger (poetry, 1989), Walling-up the shadow (poetry, 1990), The word’s magic (criticism and essays, 1991), Literary co-ordinates (criticism and essays, 1999), Supplements to teaching literature in five volumes (criticism, 2000), Voice of Ancestors, poetry, 2001; Romantism, study in collaboration with P. Gilevski, 2003; Draught in the fatherland, poetry selection, 2004; Bitter Vilayet, poetry, 2006.