Sigurdur Pálsson (born 1948, Iceland) works mainly as writer and translator and also as professor (University of Iceland and the Iceland Academy of the Arts). Pálsson has published fourteen books of poetry from 1975 to 2009. Some poems have been translated into more than dozen languages. Selected poems were published in French in 1993 in a bilingual edition. In 2008 he got the Prize for Literature for Minnisbók (Notebook from Memory). He was awarded the annual Literary Prize of the Icelandic Radio 1999 and the Booksellers’ Prize for Poetry, 2001. He has written three novels, 11 theater plays which were staged from 1975 till 2008 and he has produced two full length features by Kristin Johannesdottir. A selection of Pálsson’s poems was published in Bulgarian in 2005, in Italian (with texts by two other Icelandic poets) in 2006 and in Spanish.