He was born in the village of Velestovo, Ohrid area in 1959. He is a poet for children and adults, essay writer, translator. He completed General Secondary school in Ohrid, and Faculty of Philology in Skopje. He works as Literature teacher in the Ohrid General High School. Slave Gjorgo Dimoski’s poetry features colourful imagination and refinement of the unfolded thought, likeable animation of the fantasy for luxurious freedom of the expression. He is an example of a writer with a vevefying touch to word. He is a phenomenon of the natural singing and thought. He is the President of the Board of SPE. Works: Poetry books: Engravings, 1979, Project, 1982; Cold Urge, 1985; The Last Manuscripts,1988, By-Way, 1991; Objects and Arguments, 1994; Formsof Passion, 1999; Dark Place, 1999, children books: Alisa, 1989, Crystal Dream, 1990, Wordplays, 1991, Versoteque, 2000; selections: Boat of Steam, 1991 and Mother Tongue (in Russian, Moscow, 1996).