She was born in Resen on 27 February 1941. She is a poet, prose writer, children literature writer and essay writer. After the completion fo primary school and School of Pedagogy in Bitola, she graduated from the Department for Pedagogy at the Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje (1967) and, after four-year working as a teacher in the villages around Ohrid she worked as a Pedagogistat the Children Diseases Clynic at the Faculty of Medicine in Skopje (1960-1970), and from then unil her retiring she worked as a journalist in the Educational Programme of Radio Skopje (1970-1995). She was a one-time secretary and president of the Macedonian Writers’ Association and a member of the Macedonian P.E.N. Centre. Founder and editor-in-chief of the review “Stozer”and founder of the poetry festival “Praznik na Lipite” 1996. She is the o-founder and President of the International Manifestation “Macedonian Spiritual Shelters” (1999), and editor-in chief of her messenger “Portal” (since 2000). She has taken part in many poetry manifestation in Macedonia and aborad. Works: poetry: Clay bowl (1970), The hidden chest (1974), The azure (1980), Ea (1984), Conveption (1990), Poetry Constitution (1992), Solitary Confinement (1993), S. The Immortal (1996), Great Pray (2000); children poetry: Iron Ring for a Swing (1981); prose: Strovishte (1994); prose for youth: The Last Battle (1980), The Macedonian Empress (1992); The Harp Player (1993); Krsta and the Beads (2003); The Macedonian Empress and the Pearl (2004); books of criticism and essays: Sait from a Tripode (2005); 111 Questions for Luan Starova (1998); selections: Duchnica (1993), Make One Miracle (2008); anthologies: The Sun in the Macedonian Poetry (2003), 100 Less One Poem (2006); Aleksandar of Macedonia in the study and consciousness of the descendants (2008).