Tanja Bakić (b. 1981) is a Montenegrin poet, scholar and translator. She is the author of five poetry volumes. She holds an MA in English literature and a BA in English Language and Literature. Representation of the Swinging Sixties in popular music and the theme of otherness and mysticism in the works of English poets (especially in the work of William Blake) are the two main subjects of her research work. She is currently working on a book chapter dealing with the reception of the poetry and art of William Blake, edited by Morton D. Paley (Berkeley) and Sibylle Erle (BishopGrossetesteUniversity). Her latest essay book is entitled ‘Voodoo Child: A Story About Jimi Hendrix’ (‘Voodoo Child: Prica o Jimiju Hendrixu’). She was chosen by the international jury of art critics to represent Montenegro at the Young Artists Biennial (June 6th until July 7th 2013) in Ancona with her literary project ‘Students as Teachers: New Curriculum’.