She was born in Skopje on 10 November 1952 – a poet, short story writer and translator. She graduated from the Faculty of Philology in Skopje. She works for the newspaper Republika, and since 1992 she has been working as a lecturer in the Institute for National History in Skopje. She is a member of teh Writers’ Association of Macedonian since 1991. She works as a translator, too, and she has translated to Finnish epic poem “Kalevala”, which brought her the award for translation “Grigor Prlichev” (2000). In her verses Acevska opposes the tradition of female singing and feminised lyrism where a certain confessional and subjective intonation dominates. Works: Rehearsals (1985), Cliff to jump (1991), Anchor for Noah (1994), Mess in the Mirror (1996); novels: Labyrinth (1993) and Steps in the Greenery (1994).