Was born in 1939 in Novosibirsk. He finished foreign languages and mathematics linguistics at the Moscow University. He works professionally with literature, poetry, prose, translation, essayistic work etc.
He is the author of many books, among which : “ In First person” (1981), “ Life That Is To Come”(1982), “Sober Echo”(1985), “Homework”(1986), “ Echo”(1988), “How To Become a Giraffe”(1987, and more editions will follow),”A Monument Of The Unknown Coward” (1990), “ Let’s Make a Deal”(2002), “Telescope Of Time”(2003), “The Best Times”, selection (2003), “Ode To Time”, selection (2010) and others.
His book “ Exercises In Singing And Dancing” was published in Macedonian with the edition Plead of Struga Poetry Evenings in 1999.