Anna Santoliquido - WILL

for Moma Dimić
I will leave the sparrows
my pent up feelings
to warm the nest
to protect their kind
to the hawk I leave my vision
and extent of fantasy
to inspire their flight
to gladden the dusk
to the oak and the turkey oak
I leave the intimacy of my works
to help them bear iciness
and barbarianism
to the vineyard my unripe ideas I leave
the sun will mellow them
into aglianico
and health will be drunk
to the moon an unborn sentiment
as enchantment and resurrection must it be hatched
with the energy of science
and the authenticity of the simple
to fire and snow
I leave the impetus of language
and the rime of its lyrics
they will fuel tenderness
to river and stream
I leave the fluidity of signs
they will flow as long as humanity
defends the universe
to the heavens and children
the colours of writing I leave
with its rhymes and assonances
and its vortices of innocence
to thin air I leave sorrow
blood clots
the anxiety of labour pains
and restlessness
to poets I leave the dilemma
the joviality of the journey
and the purity of the pages
to bequeath to posterity
to words I leave a caress
as sweet as acacia honey
grateful for their loyalty
and the battle

5 th September 2003
Translated by Janet Mary Wing