Balázs Szőllőssy - Cihannüma IX.

According to the Bela Bartók Assumptions
the fog around the smaller – Italian, Croatian, Hispanic –
let’s name it, West-Roman castles, is unfinished.
According to the assumptions it is being pieced together
by formless human beings for the last
six hundred and fifty years approximately,
it is believed that there was a finite, say infinite view as it were,
in it you could see certain stars, depending on
how the fog flew, which room you were looking
out from, and when. In the last and topmost room –
according to the assumptions – there are no walls
but glass windows all around, in the middle stands a desk,
there is paper, a quill, and ink on it,
and the movement remains undrawable, always.

Translated by Anikó Urbán and James Lloyd