Jalal El Hakmaoui - THE HAMSTER OD LIFE

I filmed the first scene of the barbary of the sun
I I left the starlet on the screen of another land
squinted my eyes in the light of brotherhood
(I have Takeshi's Japanese features)

I tracked cinema & started screaming
In the face of the eagle the eagle that flies
Above the corpses of dolls lying like that in the stomach of the desert

I stepped forward in front of the camera of slaves
I stopping starring
Open-mouthed at Jalal El Hakmaoui
immediate creature in pre-Islamic gold
creature with a third eye in which is heard
the howling of babies scalped with the sharpened knives of civilization
& they are thrown into the crotch of a great nation coming to us from the East.

(after a quarter century of grammar of the bones
Sibawayh is incapable of educating a happy ape)

The hamster of life & death watches the T.V of the apocalypse
& laughs until it passes out

when I opened my eyes again
I found the best nation in the world
mounting a lizard with gouged-out eyes, deaf and dumb
by thousands of soldiers loyal to the blind chief

I warned the hamster of life against she who smokes Marlboro lights.
It laughed again

I left the first lady of cinema under another sun
I filmed the final scene of the barbary of the sun
I squinted my eyes in the light of brotherhood

The best nation in the world started screaming
Like a primitive man
Standing up on one hand
One hand bleeding the blood of the other doll
(who said that dolls never die?)

This doll spreads its wings
This doll carries in its right hand the copper keys
Lighting the way of the Moroccan Seer
Which waking in the morning has made the fury of the world.
The hamster of life comes back down to the earth of But after the end of filming.