Daniela Andonovska-Trajkovskа - ELECTRONIC QUADRIPLEGICS

I wonder how long we could live
without the electronic lungs
on which we are stuck with a body that it is not ours
– quadriplegics with infrared light in our head
without the vacuum cleaner with which we collect
the spider web in the corners of our consciousness that it
is not allowed
to go out without face powder
without the bulb that we bow to
as if it was God of the Sun
without the bread making machine
that feeds us with gluten and additives with E-215 code
because it can’t hit the table with the dough
to soften the stone heart of humanity
so that we could understand that this is the only way
to capture the air as an additive of ancient times
without which we are nobody and nothing
without the megapixels with which we see the world
and without which we are blind
without Wi-Fi that enables us to speak
all the languages at the same time
and with which we are knowledgeable, but not wise,
famous faces that live in a can
how long could we live without
the flow of electronic blood
in our facial blood vessels
without the chipped democracy
that carries us in its pocket constantly
so that it could call us in necessity
to set itself free