They say mind is faster than eyes
It wanders everywhere.

We saw the horses
which were crying in front of the walls
tired, kneeling on the ground
with foamy manes.

We have been drinking for days, from the seashore
Where the river mingles
Rolling dice, we are watching the flamingos’ dance,
Hurting each other
Without a woman, without hope, rusty
We – the defeated soldiers.

We who always lied to our people,
With our bodies,
If we had passed the light pink sea
We did that because of us.
One word means victory to us
And defeat is worthless
The wine provokes
Calms us, the voice of the sea.

Here, on this miraculous beach
Like a dagger of life drawn
On a long red line
If we had died, we died for ourselves
If we had withdrawn as a wave
We did it for ourselves
Even if we want to

We cannot look
Our horses in the eyes
Passing through the brain
Over the walls