Ermir Nika - FOREVER

I return to you forever
And repeat to myself forever:
You are my only love
Subdued muse of virgin passion

We walk over pale ceramic figures
And shadows of yesterday are innocently lost at every recurrence
Pale martyrs’ profiles in sublime acts
And deers wounded in their efforts to escape

Don’t forget, life is a film, not finished yet
Losers and winners in every episode
People under masks, false love and death
In the end, nothing will remain of the story in the scenes of old cinema.

A deep blueness hiding behind
The unknown scares us and we break with every ageing year
The dreams of the blind will be wrapped in a papyrus weave
When our lives will be seen as if whim of the mad.

We unify again like the minute and hour hands at the end
Everything is transitional in this life
The boat across the sea is only an old being
That will never see a return.

Translated by Mirela Cupi with Paul Cohn