Night by night shut your eyes
Night by night on the way to you
On the electric poles crows lurk in the cold Jerusalem night
They call
Night by night eternal rest
Street lamps have dispersed the mouth’s cold breath to the frost they call a tearing for the mother
Tear the cloth now

You came to Beer Sheva to die
I returned to Jerusalem to look for you
I came to Jerusalem from which I was exiled
And you already buried inside me. I pour from vessel to vessel
Retreat from one exile to another
Then I came to Jerusalem I came in your place when you were not there
I came to the eternal city which is the mother of us all and in it magnified and sanctified be His great name
As the sun shines on the tops of mosques and the spires of churches I find you again
The city receives me like a bride
I do not walk in Jerusalem, I am walking you mother

. . .

Night by night I am on the way to you
You left me armed with your three eternal knights generosity despair and hope
Every night when generosity despair and hope fall asleep they are the bridge that leads us to the coming day

Now all of life is this night and what will come after that is the light of the seven days thus it is written in magnified and sanctified thus the wings of the Shekhinah flutter and now there remains to me the day which is the night to decipher anew in your death the song of my birth I shall lie down and the cradle of love and the poison of my mother my mother the chariot of my soul and its knights