Iva Damjanovski - We Begin

We live in a seed.

Our eyes forever journey to the east.

Forever they start,
again and again,
led toward the new,
newborn forever.

Our pupils are with the colour of blood
and every step is our first.

We have beginner’s luck
and make rookie mistakes.
Metamorphosis is an easy task for us.
Our home is the place where two axes kiss
and there we are marrow without bones.

In the morning we watch the dawn of time,
in the evening we listen to the big bang
of all creation.
We were entrusted with eternity
and we must kill the end.

We never sleep
so as the day would never end.
Our heavens always bleed,
but never die,
our suns know of rising only,
our rivers of springing.

Birth is our god
who each day creates us anew
and each day we learn anew
to believe in him.
Eternity is a promise
we are not waiting for,
but expecting.

We are the regiment against the end,
we are the deathless revolution,
we are the lustre
of the impossible resolution.

We chant a simple prayer,
we are the choir
that knows the Word
that was in the beginning.

We are the Antideath.

We guard the infinity
and begin.