Mile Stojić - I CAN’T GET OVER YOU

I can’t get over you, because your pain remains
In my flesh. In every word I utter
In each bite of bitter bread. I can
no longer step on the tree-lined path, or drink from a pure source
For ages mothers have taken off their veils and let down their
Luxurious hair, for ages the ash-tree has been covered with new leaves
Only I am not able to get over you, and for a long time already I have been
Meeting you in my dreams, with clear alpine eyes.

I can’t forget you on winter evenings
When the mother of God converses with the local shepherd girls
A hundred summers have passed since the sentences were spoken
Lakes melted and spring roars with tree-tops
But I wait for an unknown messenger
To enlighten me with the evening star’s icy splendor
And how to conceive of this entropy of love. Which twinkles
As a sign of edelweiss on bleak cold peaks.

I am not able to forget you in particles, in sea
waves that wash over cliffs of body and summer.
The longer summer lasts the faster the body enters autumn, in dark sand
Robbers along the road plundered my gold coins
And my poems now clink like a broken jug
Instead of gold coins now there are long rains, cold winds
I dress in a haystack of silence waiting on an unknown messenger
To enlighten me with the evening star’s icy splendor.

Translated by Amy Gopp