Restoration of the memory-boards of the Laureates at the Park of Poetry, with QR codes added

At the Park of Poetry in Struga, around fifty memory-boards of all the previous Laureates of the “Struga Poetry Evenings” have been restored.
As part of the jubilee edition, the previous bronze-cast boards, often the subject of theft and vandalism, have been replaced with composite-material boards with a metallic layer.
The boards contain the Laureate’s name, the country of their origin and the printed QR codes, which, when scanned with a smartphone, takes the user to the specifically created link of the “Struga Poetry Evenings” website, and to that specific Laureate, where the users may read their biography and poetry.
“In the year when the Struga Poetry Evenings celebrate its 60 th jubilee anniversary, with this step, we wanted to restore the Park of Poetry and bring it back into the public’s focus, to accentuate its value and uniqueness, as well as use the latest technologies which we use daily, in order to promote poetry and the “Golden Wreath” recipients. This is only the start of a much wider plan, designed to introduce new content in the Park of Poetry, which will turn the Park into a more attractive place where poetry takes center stage”, explained Todorche Tasevski, the Director of the “Struga Poetry Evenings”.
This year’s festival is being held under the motto “Elevated testimonies, exalted verses”, which accentuates the meaning of the Park of Poetry and the symbolism of planting a tree by the Laureates each year, as an act which marks the growth of the festival.
“Each year, the Laureate of the Struga Poetry Evenings plants a young, new tree in the Park of Poetry, to serve as a living testament and a promise to the future. With each passing year, the trees grow and add an additional ring. Their blossoming crowns are elevated towards eternity, creating a firmament that transforms the Park of Poetry into a Temple of Poetry. Among the names of the Laureates and the whispering of the leaves, we may hear their exalted verses. The beginning was 60 years ago, the continuation lies somewhere in eternity” states the festival’s motto.