After the completion of the “Bridges” event, at the official dinner in Hotel “Drim”, the poets, guests and organizers had the opportunity to enrich their beautiful moments in Struga during this year’s edition of the Struga Poetry Evenings with the taste of a beautiful, Tikveš wine provided with the support from our general sponsor AD Tikveš. The relationship between AD Tikveš and the “Struga Poetry Evenings” is most directly evident in their most famous brand of wine “Longing for the South”, inspired by Konstantin Miladinov’s poem bearing the same title, the symbol of the Struga Poetry Evenings.

This wine was given to the poets at the festival as a gift, so they may remember the nights spent in Struga. However, during the official dinner, they had the opportunity to taste something different – the wines from the “Luda Mara” selection by Tikveš. Following the market trends which often dictate the need for an increased accentuation of the relationship between the wine, the specific climate and the region from which it originates, the “Tikveš” Winery has created a new wine brand in order to strengthen the authenticity of their wines.

“The new brand is related to the name of the river “Luda Mara” which passes through the Tikveš region and Kavadarci, and which, through its unique nature and character and the numerous stories and myths related to it, in many ways resembles the unique character of our wines. The authenticity of the brand name and the specificity of the product enable us to easily share the story of these high-quality, proven Macedonian wines, which is particularly important for a success in the export to the developed wine markets”. The story about Luda Mara is exciting. It is not by chance that the river which flows through the Tikveš region, famous for its unpredictable force and potency is the chosen name of our well-known brand line. Every single wine from this line tells its personal, unique story – a special experience which leads to new horizons…

“Let her guide you…” The motto of the new selection by Tikveš Winery can draw a comparison with the poetic inspiration which smolders within all of us, but in moments of inspiration it becomes a poetic torrent, carrying strong emotions – emotions which we should let wash over us, hence the motto “Let her guide you”… Luda Mara. After having the opportunity to enjoy the wines from the “Luda Mara” selection, the poets were handed out “Vranec” wine, also a part of the “Luda Mara” selection, but with an empty label, where the poets —inspired by the taste of the Luda Mara wines — wrote a verse or two and placed their signatures in their native languages. These bottles of wine inscribed with verses will become a part of the special selection of “Tikveš” Winery.

Translated by: Gorjan Kostovski