Ružica Cindori

Ružica Cindori (Ludbreg, Croatia) is a poet and essayist. Graduated Comparative Literature and Philosophy at the University of Zagreb. Attended postgraduate studies in Library sciences at the same University. Worked as a librarian and Secretary General of the Croatian Writers’ Association (2009-2020). She lives in Zagreb (Croatia). She was the coordinator of the Croatian jury for the literary award of the European Union (2009, 2012 and 2015). Former member of the Managing Council of the European Writer’s Council in Brussels in three terms and the President of the Work Group for the regulation of the Public Lending Right of the same organization. She has published poems, articles and essays in numerous anthologies, monthly magazines and the “Croatia Radio”. She has participated in numerous literary meetings and festivals in Croatia and abroad. Her poems have been translated into ten foreign languages and have been published in different selections and anthologies. She writes articles and essays.
She translates poetry from Bulgarian, Slovenian and Macedonian. She has won the “Dobriša Cesarić” Award. In Bulgaria, she has received the “Dimcho Debelyanov” and “Flying silver feather” awards. She has published the following poetry collections: The Pyres of Greenness (1984); The Cut, Unhealed (1989); Circles. Distance (1997); The October in Ludbreg (2002); Patience (2006); The City, Forest, Island (2006); Cotton Bell (2010); Late (2011); Stranger on Ithaca (selection in Bulgarian, 2011); Forgotten Place (2013); Someone Was in That Forest Before Me (selection in Macedonian, 2016); Wind Ribbon (in Croatian, 2017); Wind Ribbon (in Macedonian, 2021).

Poem: Embrace