Sainjargal Nachin - DREAM

I stand alone in the steppe with fading wind
The dry grasses kittle inward to their roots

The creasy blue mountains are motionless
My soul is ablaze in my breathing air

The abbreviations of complex words fly shedding blood
I wish to get startled, the clouds gathered and covered my fear

And sent it toward the sky, while they embroidered the dimness
Shining from there without a gap to fit a needle and a thread.

It feels exhausted in the mist of the sphere of boundless wishes
Though it’s impossible to wait, yet the river gently gurgles

Reminding me the soft skift of flaking snow that fell recently
The crows go away teasing the nature of autumn that had heavy make-up

Carrying the white shrouds of the departed who left this world
My eyes, while watching them taking off, shed tears

From my weeping, the thunder rain pours
And tickle the abdomen of the silent waves

I suddenly get aware of my having a dream and cut the vein of the time
And I close my eyes again. I wish to remember everything I saw

Yet there is no scene to see clearly, it’s so vague
I only remember I was standing in the steppe with fading wind

My eyes well up and I hardly open my eyes……

Тranslated by L.NamdagJanchivin