Sainjargal Nachin - MONOLOGUE OF A TREE

A feeling of wishing to cry
Because of these rustling leaves

Somehow, I can’t believe
That they’ll soon depart to the other world

And just fly away somewhere
Absorbing the beige breath of the bright sun

My heart shivers for only the mother tree will be left
Slapped by the wind, so empty after being

Loved and cherished, my eyes well up.
I will some time fade and wither away

And fly away to feel the emptiness when the time comes
I won’t remember how the moon casts on the rippling lake

Won’t be able to imagine the mist that covers the air of early morning
Forgetting the laughter of girls to whom I went in anxiety and eagerness

Going weightless in the emptiness
Applying my memories to someone else’s heart

I’ll take off to ponder something
Why am I so tender and delicate? Tell me why, My God

Тranslated by L.NamdagJanchivin