Shagdar Lkhamnorjmaa - THE MOTHER AUTUMN

The leaf that fell on my palm
It is a sign of mother’s call from the born land
I bite the leaf to sense the taste
There is full of colostrum and summer aroma
Autumn, the first snow of autumn
It reminds on the grand mother
After enriched harvest you are leaving
Oh mother autumn, you peculiar autumn

Sharing a gift to each of your children
Rich autumn, mother of boundless love.
You leave the benefits to the winter
Staying stately under the snow
The time is prepared by own flow
The autumn was here, mother autumn is coming again.

When a man measured by the length of a shadow
When the sun rays squeeze in the empty dream
Teaching the right direction to his son
The mother autumn is coming again
The withered color of cracked leaves
The picture in mind is coming in the autumn.

I close the umbrella although the rain goes
I am in hurry to arrive at my mother
The rushed leaves are autumn like a carpet under foot
Mother’s love sent to the son,
The birds passage flying back in autumn
Unrealized desire for home from the son
Blowing out breeze in the mind like in summer
In my thought appears a young mother.

Heavy wings of the birds passage
Makes the mother a sad to cold tears
The mother dressed in new yellow attire
Welcomed me beside the road, the autumn.
In the moment when mixed up the light and shadow,
The autumn is changing into in existed mother
Weeping of desire to see the mother.
The autumn is in hurry, the lovely year season
The old story repeated many times
For the survival of the old leaves
It’s all autumn
I am in hurry to see the mother

English translation: Leetiv (Litov) NamdagJanchivin