World is the basic unit of miracle,
a creature emerges from the middle of woman’s legs,
which almost dies from the pain,
this is terrible miracle,
all men are pieces of miracles
sown in arable land
at times by the devil and at the other times by God,
their strange heart has endlessly uncomfortable beatings,
resistance is strange idea,
communism is strange as
the old dinosaurs,
red democracy, too,
and then Prishtina is strange
with all that unexploded bomb of
London is strange,
Paris is strange,
Warsaw is a strange woman,
Moscow is a miracle,
all Americas of this world
are strange,
lovers are strange
when they cry and punch each other,
when they bite each other on the neck,
this is strange,
freedom is the soul of a wonder,
cannibals are strange,
my darling is strange,
my cock is literary wonder,
war is a strange agreement,
Rodrigues is a strange old man,
Fadil is strange,
governments are strange
just like the states and like
disappeared nations and today’s
poems are miserable miracles
just like miserable people
which are poetic miracle,
dogs are miracle of fidelity
just like loyalty is
a dead dog,
chicken eggs are miracle,
the thought about an egg is strange,
fame is stranger than luck,
love is a strange dove,
marriage is a strange peace,
everybody’s past is strange
it is enough to turn upside down
singing real good songs,
everybody’s present is strange
it’s enough if you die one more time
within your hope that
grows incomprehensively,
the future is the last tragic wonder
it is enough if you undress and think
of numerous plans and daily work
that are awaiting us happily,
Christmases are strange lights
religion is still
a strange faith,
Sylvia killed herself in 1963
because she could not endure this state,
she killed herself then later she found out
that suicide
was strange, too,
she left behind two children and a strange husband,
dreamers are stranger than
their nights,
shitty hill is strange,
ant’s brain is strange
together with monkey’s bones,
the rain that’s falling is strange,
earthquakes are trembling wonders,
tanks are strange design,
death is the crown of wonder,
everything is strange,
everything is strange
and within this strange
existence is a deep
well inside within each,
a strange well.