Serbian poet Vladan Krečković is the recipient of the “Bridges of Struga” Award for 2021.

The recipient of “Bridges of Struga” for 2021, the award for the best debut poetry book from a young author (under the age of 35), awarded by the “Struga Poetry Evenings” in cooperation with UNESCO, is the Serbian poet Vladan Krečković.
In accordance with the renewed tradition, this decision was announced at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, on the occasion of the “World Poetry Day”. This year, the celebration was in honor of the 100 th anniversary since the birth of Blaze Koneski, whose jubilee is part of the calendar of important international jubilees supported by UNESCO.
The award will be presented to the recipient during the “Bridges” poetic reading, one of the central events of this year’s festival edition, planned to take place from the 25 th to 30 th August.
The competition was open until the 1 st of March, and 46 poetry books were received, 36 of which fulfilled the formal criteria, indicating an increase in the interest for this prestigious award. The shortlisted candidates for the award were: Gerardo Masuccio, Vladan Krečković.

Vladan Krečković was born in 1988 in Belgrade. He graduated Journalism and Communicology at the Faculty of Political Sciences at the Belgrade University. His poetry has been published in several literary magazines, such as Gradina, Koraci, Buktinja and web portals Astronaut, Strane, Afirmator. Paris, Texas is his first book of poetry. Beside poetry, he also writes prose and his short story “The Vanished” was included in the 41 st edition of Rukopisi - a collection of prose and poetry by authors from Ex-Yu countries.
His debut collection has been published by Enklava. The book review states:

"The very title of Vladan Krečković's debut poetry book Paris, Texas signifies in what way we should read the poems in front of us. Referring to the Wim Wender's cult classic, but also to the movie Chungking Express by an equally cult director - Wong Kar-Wai, that tell us the story of how life can be apathetic and meaningless after emotional break-ups, Vladan Krečković tells us, in a very subtle and non-pretentious way, the story of separations by trying to find his standpoint in the journeys, in looking at the family photographs, in communicating with a stranger who left a comment on YouTube, in the constant reminiscing and reconsidering, to find a supporting point from which his life can continue on its usual course. This book offers a different life perspective of a romantic loss, without any pathos, and represents a courageous step into the field of new sensibility."