Tatev Chakhian - SATURDAY NIGHT

Dear Messiah
postpone your arrival for a day
because tomorrow is Sunday
and I must sleep

Dear God
calm volcanoes
and other noisy games
and put off your plans of Judgment Day for a day

Mr. Mayor
stop constructions
forbid the traffic
prescribe silence
for my sake

Let Hamas not throw bombs
and Aliev not shoot at Artsakh at least tomorrow
and dear Al Qaida
end your arab-israelian conflict
and major and minor powers
conclude a truce tonight
because tomorrow is Sunday
and I must sleep

Please close Tokyo Stock Exchange
and put a huge stone in Baku-Jeihan pipeline
lock the BMW plant from outside

Dear TVs
announce a day of checking procedures
and let Bollywood shoots only dreams tonight
Dear revolutionists
lefts, rights and neutrals,
leave the square and keep silence

Dear believers
love your neighbor at least today
when I’ve come with Hypnos and asked you
to keep silence

And for a day
delete my name from the list of people
the list of pious people
the list of stray dogs
the list of Noah
the list of past and future criminals
the list of poets
the list of villains
of political prisoners
of volunteers
of will-less
of useless
of lovers
of strugglers
of mortals
because tomorrow is Sunday
and I must sleep

send a black paper to my family
black as a forgotten dream
and put me absent from the Earth
because it is Saturday
I’m standing on the edge of the day
and throw myself down

Good night!

Translated by Tatev Chakhian