Georgi Gospodinov

Hey Jude, 7’09”

It’s the longest track ever and if you can’t score with a woman in that time, you are the biggest loser in the Universe.” (Gaustin, Grade VIc)

It’s the longest track ever,
just that: 7’09”.
7 minutes and 9 seconds,
your hands electric
with the mohair of her jumper.
7 minutes and 9 seconds,
to tell her your most glamourous story.
7 minutes and 9 seconds,
you are dizzy,
it’s hard to believe
but you are spinning around,
it’s hard to believe but she is spinning
around you,
yes, she is spinning around.
7 minutes and 9 seconds.

Never again,
never at all,
(though you don’t know it yet)
will you be in love
with a woman
for this long.

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