Nikolina Andova is the winner of the award „Bridges of Struga“ for 2013

Nikolina Andova with her debutant book “The entrance is on the other side” is this year’s winner of the “Bridges of Struga” award of the “Struga Poetry Evenings”. This is the first time that this award is won by a native author.

The book impresses with its particularly interesting poetic statements and attracts the reader’s attention with its peculiarity and provocativeness, intertwined through subtle irony and parody present in almost every poem, with no exceptions. She actualizes the poetic subject, reveals its temperament and sensibility, thus bringing the poetic language to a full condition of new discoveries, meanings and values.

Previous winners of this award include Angelo V. Suarez (Philippines), Andrea Cote (Colombia), Marianna Geide (Russia), Manua Rima (Belgium), Antonija Novaković (Croatia), Ousmane Sar Sarrouss (Senegal), Sim Kera (Estonia), Hiroshi Taniuchi (Japan) and François-Xavier Megre (France).

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