Sitting outside was always going to be a bad idea.
Sweat started dripping from sideburns.
He, the open-heart surgeon, needed to know
immediately, What’s the deliverable?
Nostalgia? Singapore?

Sipping from his double espresso.

Well, she, the muse, clicked on the arrow,
the introduction algorithm began, We have seen
modernization, and great strides made,
and as we speak, she jammed, someone
somewhere must be harvesting energy from beetle flight.

You know, those big ones.
Children love them,
and they could really be useful,
equipped with nano-recording devices.

Tiny little double-oh-sevens, eh?
Interesting, the audience nodded,
the caffeine kicking in, or the humidity.

The waiter started laughing uncontrollably.
The experiment was finished.