Dinu Flamand was born in 1947 in Transylvania, He was one of the founders of the
Echinox magazine, which became for the following couple of decades the basis of one of the
most important literary movements in the post-war Romania.
His volumes of poetry started to appear in the seventies: Apeiron, 1971, Poezii, 1974,
Altoiuri, 1975.
At the beginning of 1989 Dinu Flamand was granted the political asylum in France where
he worked for numerous media amongst which were BBC and Radio France Internationale
where he still works today.
Some of his notable works are : Viaţă de probă, (Life on probation)1998, Dincolo, (Beyond)
2000, Tags, 2002, Grădini,(Gardens) 2005, Frigul intermediar, (The Intervening Cold) 2006,
the bilingual anthologies in French and Portuguese (Poèmes en apnée, la Différence, 2004 ;
Havera uma vida antes da morte, Quase, 2007
Many national and international prizes have crowned his poetic work including national
prize M.Eminescu. He was a diplomat to the romanian embassy in Paris thil 2014.