Mária Ridzoňová Ferenčuhová was born in Bratislava. She graduated in film Screenwriting and Dramaturgy from the Film and TV Faculty of the School of Dramatic Arts in Bratislava (FTF VŠMU). She completed her postgraduate studies in film history and theory and Sciences du Langage at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences sociales in Paris. Currently, she lectures on the history of world film at FTF VŠMU. She is the editor of the film journal KINO-IKON and translates from French (Paul Virilio, Amélie Nothomb, Philippe Brenot). She published three books of poems Skryté titulky (Hidden Subtitles, Bratislava: Drewo a srd, 2003), Princíp neistoty (The Uncertainty Principle, Bratislava: Ars Poetica, 2008) and Ohrozený druh (Jeopardised Species, Bratislava: Ars Poetica, 2013). Her stories, poetry and translations were published in multiple periodicals and anthologies. Her poems were translated into French and English.