Jesús Sepúlveda (1967) is a Chileanpoetwho has published in more than a dozencountries and performedpoetryreadings in Chile, U.S., Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Mexico, Canada, Italy, Spain, and Nicaragua. In the 90’s he directedtheChilean magazine Piel de Leopardo, and laterhe coeditedwith American poet Paul Dresmanthebilingualliterary magazine Helicóptero. He istheauthor ofeightbooks of poetry, whichinclude Lugar de origen (Santiago 1987), Reinos del príncipe caído (Santiago 1991), Correo negro (Buenos Aires 2001), Hotel Marconi (Santiago 1998), Escrivania (Mexico, 2003), Antiegótico (Viña del Mar 2013), and Secoya (New York 2015). HisthirdcollectionHotel Marconiwasmadeinto a film in 2009 in Chile, and reprinted in a bilingualeditionSpanish-English in 2006 and 2012. Correo negrowasawardedFirstPoetryPrize of theArgentine magazine Perro Negroand reprinted in Chile in 2008. Hisselectedpoemswerecollected in Poemas de un bárbaroin2013. He isalsotheauthor ofthegreen-anarchist manifestó The Garden of Peculiarities(2002), translatedinto English, French,Italian, and Portuguese, published in Argentina, US, Canada, Brazil, Italy, Chile, and France. In 2008 he editedin collaborationwith Amado Láscartheanthology of essaysRebeldes y terrestres. Therecipient of the Pablo Neruda Foundation Fellowship and Fondo del Libro y la Lectura Fellowship sponsored by the Chilean government, he holds a Ph.D. in Romance Languagesand teachesCreativeWriting in Spanishas well ascoursesonpoetryat theUniversity of Oregon. He currentlylives in Eugene, Oregon, USA.