She was born in Veles on 11 December 1951. She is a poet, literature critic, essay writer, translator, and anthologist. She is a member of MASA and Secretary of the Department for Linguistics and Literature Study. She has graduated from the Philosophy-history Faculty at the University Ss Cyril and Methodius in Skopje. She has obtained a PhD degree at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb with the thesis: Characteristics of Lyricism. She works at the Faculty of Philology in Skopje. She worked for one year in the Lectorate of Macedonian Language and Literature at INALCO in Paris. She was an one-term President of the Macedonian P.E.N. centre. In the essay “Before Katica Kulavkova’s Poetry”, academic Mateja Matevski sublimely notes:”Bearing inside an impressive quantum of information, knowledge and data from a rich textbook in a widespread intellectual and imaginative historic and geographic cultural range,with firm fundaments in aesthetics, poetics and linguistics, over the dismantled standard language, syntax and structure of poetry Katica Kulavkova does not proceede with knocking down and ruining, but she realizes and confirms her concept of lyricism, her creative approach, her principle of a certain “speech of accord, high eloquence where sound and meaning correspondent…”, her “personal and atypical concept of the world and human” Works: Annunciation (poetry, 1975), The Act (poetry, 1978), Our consonant (poetry, 1981), New sweat (poetry, 1984), Figurative Speech in Macedonian Poetry (studies, 1984), Neuralgic spots (bilingual edition, Vrsac, poetry, 1986), Step and resignation (essays and criticism, 1987), Wild thought (selection of poetry, 1989), The specifics of Lyrics (study, 1989), Thirsts, lascivious poems (poetry, 1989), Different time (poetic prose, 1989), Longing for a system (studies and criticism, 1992), Domino (poetry, 1993), Venture and Result (criticism, 1996), Expulsion of Evil (poetry, 1997), Stone of temptation (criticism, 1997), Theory of Literature (1999), Macedonian Essay (2000), Inter-world (poetry, 2000), Hermeneutics and poetics (chrestomathy, 2003)