Selimir Radulovic published: Six books of poetry: Тhе Last Days, А Dream about the Void, The Shadow I Enter, FatherAbout the Secret of the Treasurers of All Tears, Dreams of the Holy Traveller, Under а Shower of Tears from Patmos. Books of selected poems: Over the Face of the Night, Тhе Book of Father, Where I Was Hoping to Find God, А Report from the Land of the Living, Тhе Light from Му Father’s Hut. Books of selected and new poems: From а Peak Sunny, Dreadful, Like а Messenger, Peaceful and Bright, Poem from the Island of Orphans, Selected Works. For his literary work he has received the November Charter of the City of Novi Sad, Cultural Sparkle Award, Stamp of the Town of Sremski Кarlovci, Косiс’ѕ Quill Award, the award of the Spring Fair in Banjaluka in 2008,Teodor Pavlovic Award in 2012, Vuk KaradZic Award, Мiodrag Dukic Award and Simo Matavulj Award in 2013.