Sophie Reyer was born in 1984 in Vienna. She studied composition for musical theater at the Musikuniversität in Graz and graduated with a Master of Arts. She also studied theater wiriting at UniT (graz). Now she is a student at the Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln. She published various books of poetry („geh dichte“, „binnen“,”die gezirpte zeit” etc.) and novels („baby blue eyes“, „vertrocknete vögel“, “insektizid” etc.) and her theater pieces have been published at the S. Fischer- Verlag für Theater und Medien in Frankfurt. Her recent films are “stutzflügel” and “dizzy´s pub”. With “stutzflügel” she is invited to the Zebra Poesiefilm Festival 2012. 2012014 she won the “Nah- dran”- Preis for her children´s piece “Anna und der Wulian.”