Ms. Yuh Sumida is a poet, illustrator, dance critic, and backpacker.
Born in Aomori, Japan and lives in Tokyo, Japan. She received her Bachelor of Integrated Study from Weber State University, U.S and her Ph.D. in Medicine at Juntendo University, Tokyo Japan. Started writing poetry at the age of eight. She is the winner of Ben’s Cafe* poetry slam (May 2005, and March 2007). Published three privately printed books and were sold at “Tokyo Poecket**”. In November 2011 she has been selected as a newcomer of the Japanese poetry magazine “Beagle” (Editor: KiichiTakashina, Kazuyuki Hosomi, Kenji Yamada, and Yasuhiro Yotsumoto) in January 2008 she won the First prize at the “17th Dance critic award” Dance Magazine. In January 2006 she received Honorable mentionat the “15th Dance critic award” Dance Magazine. Her “Dance Times” ( “Critic collection from 2010 to 2011” is in currently in print. Starting at the age of 18, backpacked approximately 50 countries including twice in Macedonia. Always dreaming to go back to Lake Ohrid and the beautiful towns nearby.

*Ben’s Cafe (closed in 2011) was one of the most popular poetry cafes in Tokyo.
**Tokyo Poeket is an annual event for poetry selling and reading.