Presentation of the poets from the poetry platform VERSOPOLIS on this year’s SPE edition.

15 august 2023

   The cooperation between the “Struga Poetry Evenings” and the poetry platform VERSOPOLIS continues this year as well. From this platform, two foreign poets will present their poetry in front of the Macedonian audience – Adam Horovitz and Alexis Bernaut. Their poetry has already been translated into Macedonian language and two books will be published as part of the VERSOPOLIS project.

   VERSOPOLIS is a European poetry platform which paves the way for young European poets, who are oftentimes unknown outside the language in which they write. VERSOPOLIS is supported by the Creative Europe Programme.

   Adam Horovitz is a British poet, performer and editor. He has released three collections of poetry, Turning (Headland, 2011), The Soil Never Sleeps (Palewell 2018) and Love and Other Fairy Tales (Indigo Dreams, 2021), a memoir, A Thousand Laurie Lees (History Press, 2014) and a CD of poetry and music, Little Metropolis (2015). He has also co-presented The Thunder Mutters, a podcast celebrating the poetry and music of John Clare, and appeared on an album of poetry and music by Cerys Matthews, We Come From the Sun (Decca, 2021).

 Poem published at the SPE website:

   Alexis Bernaut was born in Paris in 1977. He is a poet, translator, musician, and editor. He also runs the short story collection “Miniatures” at Magellan & Cie publishers. His poetry has been published in France and abroad, and he is the author of collections Au matin suspendu (2012) and Un miroir au coeur du brasier (2020). He translated US poets Jack Hirschman, Sam Hamill, Ian Boyden, and Margo Berdeshevsky, Canadian poet Robert Bringhurst, and Trinidadian novelist Earl Lovelace.  

Poem published at the SPE website:

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