Laureate - 1993

Gennady Aygi



Born in Shaimurzino, Russian Federation on 31 August 1934 and died on 21 Febuary 2006. He was a Chuvash poet, essay writer and translator; he decides to write in Russian in 1960 (since then he had been writing in Chuvash). His books have been published in many European countries. In 1993 he won the Golden Wreath of SPE. Works: In Chuvash he published seven books: Music for the Whole Life, 1962; In the Nama of the Fathers, 1958, Step, 1964, Illumination, 1971, Gap, 1975, Poems, 1980, Will, 1988, Fields Twins, 1987, Three Poems on Malecichm 1989 and Now Forever Snow.