Laureate - 1970

Miodrag Pavlovic



He was born in Novi Sad, on 28 November 1928 – Serbian poet and essay writer, follower of the tradition of intellectual poetry, with hermetic accents (87 Poems, 1952, The Pillar of Memory, 1953, Octaves, 1957, Primeval Milk, 1962, Great Wandering, 1969). He had attracted great attention as an essay writer (The Terms of Poetry, 1958, Eight Poets, 1964), as an anthology complier (Anthology of the Serbian Poetry, 1964, Anthology of the Contemporary English Poetry, 1956 – in collaboration with S. Brkic). He is the author of the essay and liteature criticism collections: Foam’s Diary, 1972, Poetry and Culture, 1974. His book Quarrels was published in Macedonian, translated by Petre M. Andreevski in Skopje in 1970.