Laureate - 1978

Rafael Alberti



Rafael Alberti (Puerto de Santa, 16 December 1902-28 October 1999) – a poet, painter, playwright; he had created one of the most impressive and rich lyric opuses of the Contemporary Spanish poetry. He starts with the lyricism of the neopopularism (Sailor on Dry Land, 1924, The Mistress, 1925, The Dawn of the Wallflower, 1925, To the Angels, 1928). His poetry was later turned to the motifs and themes of the social and political reality (poems of the street and the everyday life), whereas during the Civil War he was a poet and a soldier of the Republic (poems of war, victim and faith). Living in political emigration (Europe and Latin America), he writes of the bitter foreigh land, lyrics full of nostalgia and desire. When he came back home, he was welcomed as the greatest living poet of Spain. Works: Between the Carnation and the Sword, 1945, High Tide, 1945, On Painting, 1948; Back to Life Faraway, 1954.