Laureate - 1992

Ferenc Juhasz



He was born in Bia, Hungary, on 16 August 1928. He is one of the greatest Hungarian and European poets of the 20th century. His first poetry book The Winged Foal was published in 1949, and later on My Faher (1950) and Wasteful Land (1954). His first ten poetry books in the period 1946-1970 have been published in two volumes entitled Love of the Universe. Later on there was another two-volume book published entitled The Boy who Transformed into Deer (1970) and Gete of Secret (1972). The book Golden Sword of Salvation was published in 1973. Works: Dead Blackbird (the biggest Hungarian epos, 1985), Black Eagle Kung (1988), Retrieve of the Deceased (1988) and Undergroung Lily (1991).